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Capital city of Portugal for more than 800 years, Lisbon is also the country’s hot-spot for entertainment and recreation. Millions of people flock to Lisbon each year to bask in the city’s history, culture and other unique charms. Energetic, enchanting and diverse in the extreme, Lisbon really is the kind of place those in the know go to have all the fun in the world.
Particularly if out to make the most of the city’s sex culture, Lisbon is guaranteed to have you coming back for more!

Prostitution in Lisbon

Known worldwide for its open and adventurous attitudes to sex, you don’t have to look far for it in Lisbon. Nevertheless, while escorts in Lisbon are comprehensively legal, prostitution is something of a grey area. The reason being that while prostitution itself is legal, pimping is strictly against the law. So while there are a fair few areas around the city where you’ll find prostitutes at all hours of day and night, it’s tricky to know which are self-employed and which are working for pimps…so be careful.

Intendente is perhaps most famous for its huge contingency of prostitutes, but also has a reputation for being rather on the violent side. Set your sights on something interesting and you’ll be looking at 10-15 Euros for oral sex, or around 20-45 Euros for the complete package.

While brothels are also technically illegal, they’re available all over the place and really aren’t difficult to find. Most strip bars and taxi drivers will be able to point you in the right direction, but you can expect a much more ‘luxurious’ evening for a price of approximately 100 Euros an hour.

Some strip clubs take their own services far beyond the usual look-but-don’t-touch standards, though this again is technically illegal. What’s more, lay your hands on the wrong stripper at the wrong time and you’ll be looking at a first-class ticket to the emergency room!

Gay Scene in Lisbon

The gay community across Lisbon is thriving to say the least, with Bairro Alto being the unofficial centre for the city’s LGBT scene. In fact, there aren’t many places across the city where gay guys and girls aren’t 100% welcome with open arms.

Some of the city’s famous nudist beaches like Meco are also famous/infamous for gay hook-ups, while the extensive contingency of gay bars (official and otherwise) around the city make it quick and easy to meet incredible people. Wherever you go, you’re extremely unlikely to find a place where the clientele is 100% straight.

Escort Services in Lisbon

If looking to transform your trip to Lisbon into the incredible experience of a lifetime, hiring escorts in Lisbon comes highly recommended. Safe, legal and enjoyable in the extreme, Lisbon’s escort industry is one of the most diverse and indulgent anywhere in the world.

As already mentioned, there are plenty of strip clubs and bars across the city, of which many offer additional services above and beyond what’s on the menu. One of the best examples of which being The Elefante Branco, where you’re guaranteed service with a smile and so much more besides. Even if the girls at the strip bar you’re in don’t go as far as offering full-service extras, they’ll be able to tell you exactly where to go.

Alternatively, there’s the option of setting yourself up with a stunning escort in Lisbon ahead of time. Portal Privado is one of the most established and popular escort agencies of its kind, boasting an enormous network of stunning women who’re about so much more than sex. If looking for the ideal companion with the kind of local knowledge who can really bring this incredible city to life, speak to Portal Privado and they’ll hook you up.

Luxuria Escort also comes highly recommended, providing the services of superb male and female escorts across the city, along with recommendations for the best adult venues Lisbon has to offer.

Strip Clubs in Lisbon

Last but not least, you won’t have to walk far in Lisbon to find any number of strip joints. Strip clubs in Lisbon vary from ultra-exclusive to seedy and gritty. Likewise, services vary from basic pole dancing shows to pretty much anything and everything you could ever wish for. The Ménage Strip Club is the perfect place to head if looking for something a little more traditional – particularly if travelling as part of a group. For something a little more exotic, The Elefante Branco (as mentioned above) comes highly recommended.

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