Posted on 06/10/15

Nicole licking Kayla on We Live Together

Madison James is a hot porn star who has appeared on many different porn sites, for many different porn production companies, but her best performances were on No doubt about it!

Even though the scenes are restricted to the lesbian niche you cannot deny this girl’s greatness. She performed as Nicole on the site and she made We Live Together into a well talked about site at many a water cooler, in many companies around the world.

Since her departure the site has managed to find some notable replacements. Currently Dani Daniels is at the helm and I have to say she is equally hot as Madison, but in a different way. Madison played the part of an average, hot, older sister of a best friend very well. So close, yet so unobtainable. is offering a $25 discount to We Live Together along with discounts on over 400 sites from 36 of the best porn networks in the business. Plus, there are over 45 stand alone sites like Anilos and Penthouse that you might like.

Explore their offerings and get your own link for porn.

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Posted on 11/29/18

I got a divorce a few years ago and haven’t dated or anything since. Saying that I’m jaded would be an understatement. Even though I’m not ready to throw myself back out into the dating circuit I still have sexual desires that need to be met. My friends told me I could get porn discounts to save me some money while I’m in between relationships and just watching porn.

I was surfing the web one night and found this Fantasy Massage discount for 83% in savings and was hooked right away. These ladies were absolutely gorgeous. I’ve looked at a lot of sites lately and none of them could compare to this one. Not only are the girls stunning but the entire niche is erotic as hell.

One of the guys found out about my new favorite site and bought me a gift certificate to a local massage parlor as a joke. I ended up going and the joke was on him. The girl wasn’t as hot as the one on the site, but I did get my happy ending.


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Posted on 11/11/18

If you’re trying to get off, you don’t want to waste your precious moments looking for good porn. You need a site that consistently provides you quality action that you can rely on. But more than that, you also need something with variety, because let’s face it, we all like to switch things up every now and again.

Even if you are one of the lucky ones who can afford to maintain multiple porn subscriptions, juggling those when you could have everything you need all in one place makes no sense! We all know that time is money, and you save both when you use this Spizoo discount for 80% off now!

This site is like getting multiple subscriptions for one low price, so you get all of the hot action in tons of categories with the hottest pornstars on the planet! Never miss a beat with frequent exclusive updates to always have something hot and fresh to get you off any time and any where the mood to jerk might strike!


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Posted on 10/27/18

Voting is a hot topic right now. It’s important for you to do it. Times are challenging and the only way to enact real change is to make your vote count. That’s how Adria Rae got elected. No, I’m not talking politics here. I am talking about pornstars.

Every month, lesbian porn site, Girlsway, names a Girl of the Month. Gorgeous little Adria Rae was awarded Girl of the Month October 2018. She wasn’t chosen at random. She was picked because members bothered to rate, comment, and otherwise show their support for her. Thank God for them! Because of their participation, this month has been filled with smoking hot content starring Adria. Her bio got more detail, there was an awesome interview video added, behind the scenes footage has been shared, and all kinds of other goodies.

November will be chosen in the same way, so if you have a favorite girl, now is the time to cast your vote for her!

Use this 67% discount link to Girls Way before Halloween so that you don’t miss out on the savings. Get in and show the girls some love!

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Posted on 10/11/18

One of my favorite things about porn is the unlimited amount of girl on girl action. Lesbians are cool but I like bisexual women. The ones that know their way around a pussy as well as a cock. I mean, let’s be honest, there’s nothing hotter than watching two gorgeous women rubbing all over each other. Kissing one another all over their bodies. Licking up the sweet rewards of all their effort. Bringing one another to ultimate climax.

When a guy gets the chance to be with two women at the same time, it’s like a dream come true. Personally, I’m just as happy just watching two girls go at it, but that doesn’t mean I would ever turn down the opportunity to get in on the action. I am a man after all.

This site has more girl on girl action than you’ll find anywhere and you can get this discount to and save $12. Watch all these beautiful women get down and dirty just for you.

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Posted on 08/30/18

Some girls have a real way to make things all about themselves. It’s like they don’t even see that there’s other people around. They get on camera and only one thing is on their mind. They want that smoking hot girl to get down and dirty with their pussy, they want to be caressed all over and they want that to go on for hours and hours.

The lesbian porn from New Sensations has really opened my eyes for the better. These girls are not just stunners, they’re amazing to see in full passion scenes that are shot in HD. The crystal clear girl on girl sex is enough to make you burst well before you even have a chance to pull your cock out of your pants.

As you can plainly see these two playful stunners are well and truly deep in a passion filled moment. The time has come for them to go all the way and they wouldn’t mind a few of you guys joining them for all the sexy moments to come!

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Posted on 08/28/18


This is one of my favorites.  Explore it all with a wide variety of sites like Girls Try Anal, Mommys Girl, Sex Tape Lesbians, Squirting Lesbian, and Web Young.  You can watch those tight asses and snatch licked, fingered, and filled with the best toys. Like watching an older more experienced woman show a young piece of pussy just what she can do? It gets me going just thinking about it. The roles of a tight teenager pussy getting adopted. You know that’ll get you squirting. is leading in the lesbian porn world. It’s an entire network dedicated to lesbian action. There are five plus sites of nothing but the sexiest and most beautiful women around. Imagine the biggest names in the lesbian porn community all thrown in together. Names like Lana Rhoades, Jelena Jensen, and MILF stunner Brandi Love.  You’ll be able to stream and/or download more than 1,200 scenes.

Check out this offer before it expires and snag your hot deal for 83% off! The best lesbian porn there is!

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Posted on 06/23/18

I think we can all agree that even if you live together with someone, at times things can get a little on the strained side. You might have a little argument, perhaps it was all just a silly misunderstanding, yet tension can be the root of all evils.

What do the girls from We Live Together do when this happens? of course they make up in the best possible way by having full blown lesbian sex. I think it makes perfect sense that you can’t remain mad at someone if they’ve gone down on you and given you the ultimate pleasure.

I want you guys to take a look at this We Live Together threesome update and let me know what you think. Personally speaking, all that I can say is wow… These girls don’t just make love for the camera, they’re doing it for themselves and they’re doing it in style. You can find more here and it’s something that I highly suggest you do.

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Posted on 04/06/18

Capital city of Portugal for more than 800 years, Lisbon is also the country’s hot-spot for entertainment and recreation. Millions of people flock to Lisbon each year to bask in the city’s history, culture and other unique charms. Energetic, enchanting and diverse in the extreme, Lisbon really is the kind of place those in the know go to have all the fun in the world.
Particularly if out to make the most of the city’s sex culture, Lisbon is guaranteed to have you coming back for more!

Prostitution in Lisbon

Known worldwide for its open and adventurous attitudes to sex, you don’t have to look far for it in Lisbon. Nevertheless, while escorts in Lisbon are comprehensively legal, prostitution is something of a grey area. The reason being that while prostitution itself is legal, pimping is strictly against the law. So while there are a fair few areas around the city where you’ll find prostitutes at all hours of day and night, it’s tricky to know which are self-employed and which are working for pimps…so be careful.

Intendente is perhaps most famous for its huge contingency of prostitutes, but also has a reputation for being rather on the violent side. Set your sights on something interesting and you’ll be looking at 10-15 Euros for oral sex, or around 20-45 Euros for the complete package.

While brothels are also technically illegal, they’re available all over the place and really aren’t difficult to find. Most strip bars and taxi drivers will be able to point you in the right direction, but you can expect a much more ‘luxurious’ evening for a price of approximately 100 Euros an hour.

Some strip clubs take their own services far beyond the usual look-but-don’t-touch standards, though this again is technically illegal. What’s more, lay your hands on the wrong stripper at the wrong time and you’ll be looking at a first-class ticket to the emergency room!

Gay Scene in Lisbon

The gay community across Lisbon is thriving to say the least, with Bairro Alto being the unofficial centre for the city’s LGBT scene. In fact, there aren’t many places across the city where gay guys and girls aren’t 100% welcome with open arms.

Some of the city’s famous nudist beaches like Meco are also famous/infamous for gay hook-ups, while the extensive contingency of gay bars (official and otherwise) around the city make it quick and easy to meet incredible people. Wherever you go, you’re extremely unlikely to find a place where the clientele is 100% straight.

Escort Services in Lisbon

If looking to transform your trip to Lisbon into the incredible experience of a lifetime, hiring escorts in Lisbon comes highly recommended. Safe, legal and enjoyable in the extreme, Lisbon’s escort industry is one of the most diverse and indulgent anywhere in the world.

As already mentioned, there are plenty of strip clubs and bars across the city, of which many offer additional services above and beyond what’s on the menu. One of the best examples of which being The Elefante Branco, where you’re guaranteed service with a smile and so much more besides. Even if the girls at the strip bar you’re in don’t go as far as offering full-service extras, they’ll be able to tell you exactly where to go.

Alternatively, there’s the option of setting yourself up with a stunning escort in Lisbon ahead of time. Portal Privado is one of the most established and popular escort agencies of its kind, boasting an enormous network of stunning women who’re about so much more than sex. If looking for the ideal companion with the kind of local knowledge who can really bring this incredible city to life, speak to Portal Privado and they’ll hook you up.

Luxuria Escort also comes highly recommended, providing the services of superb male and female escorts across the city, along with recommendations for the best adult venues Lisbon has to offer.

Strip Clubs in Lisbon

Last but not least, you won’t have to walk far in Lisbon to find any number of strip joints. Strip clubs in Lisbon vary from ultra-exclusive to seedy and gritty. Likewise, services vary from basic pole dancing shows to pretty much anything and everything you could ever wish for. The Ménage Strip Club is the perfect place to head if looking for something a little more traditional – particularly if travelling as part of a group. For something a little more exotic, The Elefante Branco (as mentioned above) comes highly recommended.

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Posted on 03/17/18

I had a feeling that it was going to be one of those weekends, and not a bad one if that’s what you’re thinking. I just had this sense that something really cool was going to happen and boy it did all that and so much more. I’ve been a fan of Romi Rain and Riley Reid for so long now, they always both seem to know just what it takes to drive me totally fucking crazy.

Today I was doing my usual rounds of looking for porn, nothing was really sticking out too much and it seemed like it was just going to be one of those days. I was about to give up all hope when out of the corner of my eye I spotted what looked like a Romi Rain and Riley Reid lesbian video, and it 100% was!

Now I’m down to just kick back and relax with my two favorite girls. Seeing them going for it on full hardcore lesbian action has always been a dream and now it’s finally coming true. You guys sure don’t want me to miss out on a second of this action.

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Posted on 02/21/18

When you decide to head over to the discounts page where you can save up to 54% on with this deal, see if you can understand WTF the author is on about in his opening lines because it went right over my head.

As for the name of the site, I guess it works as far as being somewhat descriptive of the content you can expect but it is boring. If they were trying to create a contrast with the quality of their content with it then they have outdone themselves.

The chicks are hot and the chicks even more so. This isn’t even one of my go-to type of genres – I prefer hardcore heterosexual porn – but it turned me on right from the get-go and that says a lot.

I give this site a thumbs up and am now looking forward to the other sites that was included for free in my membership.

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Posted on 01/10/18

I never shy away from a nice pair of tits and Lesbo Brits is one of those sites that definitely has those covered amongst all their beautiful girls. I’m a sucker for foreigners with sexy accents too. Grabbing this deal will also get you into the entire Candy Girl Pass Network with lots of gorgeous, voluptuous girls doing their sweet, sinful thang here. And, it’s just one of the many deals you can find at the Lesbian Discounts Club. This club is the place to be for all your lesbian porn needs.

Lesbian Pickups is another favorite of mine, brought to you by the Mental Pass Network of porn. You might also enjoy Euro Girls On Girls, All Girl Massage, the Nude Fight Club, Lezbo Honeys, Girls Who Fuck Girls, Hot And Mean, How To Kiss A Girl, or You can’t go wrong with any of them really, and there’s still plenty more where these come from. Have a look around for yourself, bookmark the page, and grab the hottest deals on lesbian porn!

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Posted on 11/15/17

They’ve got everything covered here; from mature lesbian MILFs seducing their innocent step-daughters into passionate sex, to teens having their first time lesbian experience with each other, all scenes end with intense climaxes and body quivering orgasms. Get four niche lesbian sites for the price of one. Here’s where you can get your Girls Way discount and save 83% off full price.

Mommys Girl features MILFs seducing teen step-daughters and teaching friends how to have their first lesbian experience; Sex Tape Lesbians is where you’ll find live footage taken by the porn stars themselves and hidden sex tapes; Girls Try Anal shows  first time anal sex videos and experimentation with strap-ons, dildos and other toys; and finally, Web Young is where young college teens come together and explore each other’s beautiful tight teen bodies with their hands and mouths.

There’s already 840+ videos here, weekly updates are still coming in, and you can download as you wish to keep all your favorites you can’t get enough of. Check it out and grab your deal on hot lesbian porn today!

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Posted on 10/14/17

Are you interested in seeing what happens when girls play with each others’ pussies? Perhaps you already know what that’s like, or have an idea or fantasy at least. I’d like to make a strong point that you may not actually know shit until you see the content on this network. I know it’s some of the hottest shit I’ve ever seen, and I’ve looked at a lot of porn, mind you. Twistys discount network includes this deal to When Girls Play and, I’m telling you, this is some of the hottest lesbian sex you’ll ever bare witness to.

Asian babe Asa Akira, Albanian vixen Breanne Benson, Czech cutie Eufrat, American sex cat Nicole Aniston, ebony dream Chanell Heart, Scottish sweetheart Sophia Knight, luscious Latina Cassidy Banks, French fox Anissa Kate, Italian treat Valentina Nappi, and many, many others are here and having the time of their lives performing and playing with pussies for their audience.

Joining this site also makes you a full member of Twistys. Over 2 million pictures and 60,000+ videos are available to you, as well as 4,000+ models, for no additional cost. There are photo and video updates made daily, so the collection is constantly growing.

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Posted on 09/21/17

Hey, you’re always on the go, right, and sometimes it’s hard to pick up women. Most of them are expecting scumbags that just want to fuck them anyway, and why beat around the bush with someone if that’s really all you want to do? Get yourself a nyc escort for a sizzling hot girlfriend experience.

You two can paint the town red, have some wine and dine, and perhaps take a cab to a private sanctuary of your choosing. No matter how you choose to play it, these ladies are in the business of providing excellent companionship and strive to take extremely good care of you. Really, there is no striving about it; these sexpots are just brimming with lust and sensuality. Book yourself an appointment today.

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Posted on 09/14/17

Sapphix is a very compact network focusing strongly on the Lesbian genre. It is not that they lack content, quite the contrary, it’s rather that is seems they are highly focused on quality. If you’re looking for insanely hot babes getting stuck into each other, and I mean that in almost every sense of the word, then this is the place for you.

I almost stumbled over my tongue when I started browsing and it wasn’t long at all for my imagination willing me into a threesome with these honeys. It sends chills up my spine and a underpants full of plans. For the ladies who also enjoy watching some girl-on-girl action, and as far as I understand that is many of you, you’ll enjoy this too.

Well, I intend to watch it all with a Sapphix discount pass which unlocks the entire network’s sites.

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