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Posted on 09/09/22

With the growth of the life size adult sex doll industry, customers are demanding more and more from their sex dolls. Customers demand for super realistic sex dolls infinitely closer to real people, the more real the better, the more realistic the experience. For example, uxdoll provides personalities options for sex dolls, such as realistic hair implants, more realistic blood vessels, skin texture, etc.

What is hair implant sex doll?

Hair implant sex dolls are hair that is manually implanted one by one into the scalp during the process of making a silicone head. This process requires a lot of time and effort, which is why hair implant sex dolls are more expensive. Of course, from uxdoll.com, you could also to choose the separately silicone sex doll head for your TPE sex doll.

What is a hair set sex doll?

Hair set sex dolls are the more common form on the market where the hair is not implanted during the production process, but an additional wig is put on the doll’s head after the production is completed. Hair set sex dolls are generally TPE material, because TPE can not implant hair. Of course, silicone head dolls can also choose to set hair, which is mainly to meet the needs of different users. The price of hair set sex dolls is lower because there is no hair transplant cost and time cost. uxdoll.com offers separately premium TPE sex doll heads for only 200 dollars.

How to choose?

First of all, if you have a good budget, you can try the hair implant doll because it is very realistic and worth buying. If the budget is low, then it is better to choose a sex doll with a hair set. If you like photography, role-playing, dressing up and using huge butt sex dolls as your models, then it is better to choose a hair implant version of sex dolls.

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